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It's a BIRD.... It's a T-REX.... It's CHICKLET
"Ok, so really, I'm a bird.  But my ancestors were DINOSAURS! (Theropods, like the T-Rex, to be exact.) Most people don't know this about birds, but now YOU do! I love to learn fun facts about animals and explore the outdoors looking for bugs.  Does that sound like a "Little" you know?

A fun fact about birds is that we have hollow bones. That's what makes us so light that we can fly. I can't fly, but I AM very lightweight!  

I can help YOUR "Little" feel like a "Big" when we go on adventures together.  She can put all her stuff in me and I'll be her best friend!  I'll always have her back! 

I come in 3 bright, beautiful colors (but birds come in 15 different colors!) I wonder what color a T-Rex would like best?"
  • Chicklet comes with a Removable Name Tag that is great for going to school or day-care, but easily comes off when it's time for travel.
  • Chicklet is both lightweight and made with the proper dimensions for Littles' backs.  It's so lightweight, that your Little will forget she's carrying it.  
  • Chicklet is shipped in a Re-usable, Color-able box.  Your Little can color and decorate the box and use it as Chicklet's nest or use it for other treasures.
  • Padded, adjustable shoulder straps allow Chicklet to fit properly and comfortably.  The fabric we put on the back of the straps helps prevent slipping as your Little moves around. 
  • Quick, easy access to the most important things: FOOD!!  Use Chicklet s zippered front pouch for snacks and his 2 side pockets for drinks.
  • Fully-lined, bright green interior (we call in "Animal Packers Green") to make finding crayons, snuggle-buddies and other essentials easier for Littles. 
  • ALL the seams are enclosed and finished, even the zipper.  No more loose threads getting stuck in the zipper.  YEAH, Animal Packers!!
  • Washable materials AND the included "Care Bag" make keeping Chicklet  Clean a cinch! When it's time for a 'bath,' just put Chicklet in the care bag and wash in cold water.