Modern Bundle

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Modern and elegant, this beautiful set of shatterproof drinkware is perfect for holiday entertaining. They look just like glass and are 100% recyclable, meaning: no need to end a party with washing dishes! The patented rounded rims make TOSSWARE glasses smooth to drink from, and the glass shapes well to comfortably hold and enjoy. The champagne flute has a detachable (and attachable) stem which can easily be popped apart for a stemless look. The 18oz Tumbler has a wide base and is great for swirling your bolder reds in. Finally, the Decanter famously includes a patented built-in aerator for the wine to seep through before arriving at its main chamber. This bundle isn't just for looks, but for use as well!

Bundle includes:

x1 Set of 12 - 18oz Tumbler glasses

x1 Set of 12 - 6oz Champagne Flute with Detachable Stems

x1 Set of 1 - 28oz Decanter with patented built-in Aerator