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Rocket Dog

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"I'm SUPER-SPECIAL because I'm Animal Packers' Spokes Mutt! I'm the logo and I'm on EVERY backpack doing something silly.  

I love to run around outside, catch bugs, find new adventures and play pretend (just like your Little!)  I don't like to be left home.  My "puppy-dog eyes" remind your Little how much I love adventures, and I hope he or she will take me somewhere every day!  I promise to faithfully carry all the stuff and to always have his or her back!"

"I'm special for other reasons, too:
  • My collar really works.  I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes, you just need to keep 'tabs' on your Little, and I'm here to help.
  • I have a secret pocket behind my head.  Be sure to check often to see if any partially chewed treats are in here....  Don't worry, I'm washable!"
Rocket comes with a Removable Name Tag that is great for going to school or day-care, but easily comes off when it's time for travel.

Rocket is both lightweight and made with the proper dimensions for Littles' backs.  It's so lightweight, that your Little will forget she's carrying it.